BitAccess cryptocurrency ATM machine producer

Total number of BitAccess ATMs installed: 3518

About: Bitaccess is a Canadian Blockchain company based in Ottawa, that was founded in 2013 and funded by Y Combinator as an early manufacturer of Bitcoin ATMs.

Since their foundation in 2013, Bitaccess has improved through technical innovation and continuous development.

As a Bitcoin ATM hardware and software provider, Bitaccess specializes in delivering a superior customer experience. They achieve this by providing sophisticated, 4th generation software, premium hardware, and one-on-one operator support.

This 4th generation software platform provides operators with an online management dashboard, which includes a list of customizable controls on top of industry required KYC/AML regulatory compliance capabilities.

Bitaccess currently produces two machines, the BTM C & BTM SE. These machines are both two-way machines supporting cash recyclers, ID scanners, thermal printers, secure cash vaults, cameras, and expansive currency support.

Businesses interested deploying Bitaccess BTMs can speak with their staff directly by emailing [email protected]

Price: BTM C - $5000 USD (MOQ 2 units)
BTM SE - $6000 USD (MOQ 2 units)