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About: This is another open source Bitcoin ATM project. The system works using Nexus 7 tablet on Android. Full instruction how to assemble the Bitcoin ATM is provided here.

The development started back in 2013. Initially Windows was used as OS for the ATM, later due to set up issues it was switched to Linux, and for the same reasons later switched to Android, which is used as a solution system now.

To run the ATM one need Nexus 7, get Cash2BTC app for $19.99 and Pyramid bill acceptor, which is designed to be open-source. Then the case can be developed in a custom manner or order from Cash2BTC.

The advantage of this solution is that is a two-way bitcoin machine. So users can sell bitcoins as well using it.

Read interview with co-founder of Cash2BTC Sean Scappaticci.

Price: $2000


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