ATM4Coin cryptocurrency ATM machine producer

Total number of ATM4Coin ATMs installed: 0

About: This Bitcoin ATM is based on open source Bitcoin ATM project and is a new development still in progress. The main idea behind this Bitcoin ATM development is to reduce the currently very high fees of about 5-10%. The manufacturer of the ATM4Coin Bitcoin machine plans to have 3% fees for all the ATMs which going to be installed by him. Operators who purchase the Bitcoin machine would be free to choose the fees themselves.

Potentially, the machine could use floating fee, which means that depending on the cash balance of the ATM the fee would be adjusted automatically in order to incentives buyer or seller to use the machine, so that cash refill/withdrawal is never needed. Namely, when cash is low in machine, fee for buy would be very low or even negative. When too much cash in the Bitcoin machine, sell fee goes low to try keep cash in machine at around 50%.

The machine is expected to support alt coins out of the box, e.g. litecoin and dogecoin.

Price: Price TBD (expected to be in €2000-€4000 for one-way and two-way correspondingly)