BitOcean cryptocurrency ATM machine producer

Total number of BitOcean ATMs installed: 0

About: This Bitcoin ATM is planned to be produced by Chinese company BitOcean. Initially the company was developing its Bitcoin ATM in collaboration with Chinese Bitcoin Exchange OKCoin and displayed the Bitcoin ATM prototype model at Bitcoin Summit in Beijing in May 2014. According to the design of the model it is seen that it was supposed to support only one-way transactions (without selling Bitcoin).

Later on the site the company provided a new design of the Bitcoin ATM and now it is clear that the machine is supposed to be two-way, with a cash dispenser.

Recently the company announced partnership with Atlas ATS for expanding of the exchange services to Asian market.

This Bitcoin ATM is a two-way teller kiosk support RMB now. The second generation also powered with AML/KYC solution to fully comply with regulations and policy requests. The machine also equipped with extensible cashbox. Customized design are available for personal tailor.

Price: 10,000 USD (shipping not included)