CoinOutlet cryptocurrency ATM machine producer

Total number of CoinOutlet ATMs installed: 2

About: Coin Outlet Inc. is a company with headquarters in the U.S. The company specializes in development and production of a cryptocurrency ATM (hardware and software).

Coin Outlet 2-way Bitcoin machines use a recycler and have AML/KYC for use in the US.

The company has a working prototype which was presented in the mid August 2014 in Baltimore (Bad Decisions Bar and Cryptolina).

The machine is equipped with Honeywell Barcode & QR Scanner, Cash Recycler for 2 way operations 1080 max capacity.


  • $6,000 — base price for 2-way bitcoin ATM
  • $600 — worldwide shipping
  • 1% of gross transactions volume — mandatory monthly license fee (includes server hosting)
  • $200 — optional second monitor can be installed (one-time payment)

Operator can use voluntary AML/KYC solution which is provided by third party that integrates with CoinOutlet. In this case costs are the following:
  • $2500 — initial setup
  • $500 (moth-to-month) or $4500 (annual) — ongoing advisory
  • $5500 — independent AML program review

AML/KYC product is optional and in case operator doesn't purchase it, machine's software still supports ID document scanning and phone verification by SMS, however, operator has to develop and maintain its own AML/KYC compliance program.