Bitcoin Romania and Zebrapay cryptocurrency/cash exchange service provider

Total number of Bitcoin Romania and Zebrapay locations: 1685

About: Bitcoin Romania with Zebrapay partnership provides a possibility to buy bitcoin at large network of terminals in Romania, where users can buy bitcoins for cash.

The service is launched in October 2014 with about 800 locations, currently (as of September 2015) - there are roughly 1500 terminals across the country.

The payment kiosk is a multifunctional terminal, where many other operations can be done, e.g. mobile top-ups etc.

User has to choose buy bitcoin option and provide as a manual input the bitcoin address, where bitcoins to be sent, or as the bitcoin address is quite long - the user might register at the company and receive an address shortener, which also can be used at terminal.

You can only buy bitcoins at these terminals. Bitcoins are transferred immediately at the moment of purchase.

For more details read our blog about purchasing bitcoin for cash.

Price: Fee of buying bitcoin is 4% from Cointrader