Robocoin Kiosk cryptocurrency ATM machine producer

Total number of Robocoin Kiosk ATMs installed: 1

UPDATE: Robocoin was one of the first companies on bitcoin ATM arena, however, due to improper business practices the company had to close its business in 2015. There are some hardware Robocoin kiosks still installed in the wild, but those are switched to use other companies software, most commonly General Bytes Robocoin Kit.

Robocoin provided the very first Bitcoin ATM machine in the world and installed it in the end of October 2013 in Vancouver, Canada.

Bitcoin ATMs from Robocoin aka Robocoin kiosks are solid ATM units, very similar to known bank ATMs. They have many compliance features including palm veins scanner, ID doc scanner. These features are mentioned in many Bitcoin discussions as an obsctacle for adoption of Bitcoin and very complicated process to an average user .

On the other hand, those features can be switched off on the machine by operators and it depends on the jurisdiction where machine is operated. So it has all the AML/KYC required features in order to make the business compliant even in hard regulatory conditions.

Recently Robocoin announced that they plan to upgrade all ATMs into full service "banks". This would be mainly an addition of wallet services, where users could deposit and withdraw Bitcoins, also making remittance transfers. Users could maintain accounts with many different wallets, like current account, savings account etc.

Price: Robocoin machines are not sold anymore.

Old pricing (left for history record):

  • $15'000 Robocoin Classic
  • $20'000 Robocoin Recycler
  • $35'000 Robocoin Recycler Max