EasyPay cryptocurrency/cash exchange service provider

Total number of EasyPay locations: 2557

About: EasyPay has a lot of cash desks all over Bulgaria. If you want to buy bitcoins through it, you need to make an order at crypto.bg first, where you get a 10-digit code. You show this code at the EasyPay cash desk and 45 minutes later the bitcoins will be in the bitcoin address you entered during the order with crypto.bg.

If you need to sell bitcoins in Bulgaria for cash, you create a respective sell order with Crypto.bg, where you must supply the names of the receiver and passport or personal ID number. You send the coins and 30 minutes later the recipient can retrieve the cash from any EasyPay desk after showing his ID.

Price: 1-3% depending on the method

Site: http://www.easypay.bg/?p=offices