Spain HalCash cryptocurrency/cash exchange service provider

Total number of Spain HalCash locations: 0

About: Halcash provides a network of bank ATMs where one can sell bitcoins.

Generally, this network contains bank ATMs like Bankinter, Abanca, Cajamar etc. The main advantage is that users can withdraw funds by using just a code at the machine. So no card required.

Using this opportunity two services integrated with HalCash in Spain in order to provide opportunity to users to sell bitcoins for cash: Chip-Chap and Bit2Me.

So generally both services provide an opportunity to deposit bitcoins to their system and in exchange to receive a code, which can be used at one of many ATMs to withdraw cash.

Both services can be used on the web, as iOS or Android app.

Price: Fees to sell bitcoin:

Flat 1.5€ per operation

1% + 1.5€
(2 confirmations required)