BTC facil bitcoin ATM machine producer

Total number of BTC facil ATMs installed: 22

About: BTC facil is a spanish company, which introduced their bitcoin ATM to the market in the beginning of 2016.

The company initially provides one mode BTC facil E01, however the company representatived said that they are working on a bigger model as well as on more compact one. So there planned to be 3 different models of ATMs from this producer.

BTC facil E01 has the following characteristics:

  • 19" touch screen
  • Computer with Intel dual-core microprocessor
  • 4Gb RAM
  • Linux Operating System
  • Banknote recycler for up to 80 banknotes
  • Bill acceptor for 500 banknotes
  • Dimensions: 153x52x46 cm
  • Steel corpus 2mm
  • Approximate Weight: 105kg


  • € 10000 + VAT
  • Promo price € 8000 + VAT


Bitcoin ATM locations for this producer:

Bitcoin ATM Fitness Boutique in Avignon

BTC facil Bitcoin ATM in Avignon at Fitness Boutique

Added on November 24, 2017

1 rue Albert Camus
84130 Le Pontet

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Bitcoin ATM Hormitech in Valladolid

BTC facil Bitcoin ATM in Valladolid at Hormitech

Added on January 10, 2018

Calle Zuñiga N2 1ªC
47001 Valladolid

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Bitcoin ATM Marco Aldany in Madrid

BTC facil Bitcoin ATM in Madrid at Marco Aldany

Added on December 1, 2017

Calle Diego de Leon 26,
Madrid, 28006

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Bitcoin ATM The Local in Marbella

BTC facil Bitcoin ATM in Marbella at The Local

Added on August 25, 2017

Calle las Malvas 13
Marbella 29660

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Bitcoin ATM Bitphone Vigo BBS SL in Vigo

BTC facil Bitcoin ATM in Vigo at Bitphone Vigo BBS SL

Added on August 1, 2017

Calle Urzáiz 204 El Calvario
Vigo, 36205

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