General Bytes bitcoin ATM machine producer

Total number of General Bytes ATMs installed: 246

About: GENERAL BYTES s.r.o is a Czech company specializing in Android and Bitcoin as they mention on the site. Two Bitcoin machines are provided by this company at the moment: BATMTwo and BATMThree. Both are based on Android operational system. BATMTwo is the second generation of one-way bitcoin ATM supplied by the company, it has finger print scanner for AML/KYC compliance features for the operators. With the BATMTwo customers limits may be raised by identifying clients by finger print scan and ID document scan. Also the email has to be provided. The verification of the customers is done by operators and takes about 15 mins.

Since beginning of 2015 the company also supplies a new two-way bitcoin ATM called BATMThree. With this you can buy and sell bitcoins. Futuristic design with neon lights changing color will definitely attract customers' attention.

Read the full review of the General Bytes Bitcoin ATM and how to pruchase bitcoins with it in our blog. We also reviewed the new BATMThree bitcoin ATM in our blog.

BATMTwo is relevantly small with the size of approximately 40x30 cm and weighs only 20 kg. So mainly it could be used within some monitored and secure places. Cash box supports up to 500 banknotes of more than 120 different currencies.

Both Bitcoin ATM models support remote management, including email notification of different events, e.g. transactions done or reaching some amount in cash stored.

BATMTwo also supports POS functionality (check video).


  • BATMTwo - $2849 (free shipping)
  • BATMThree - $6999
If the General Bytes server is used (optionally) - additionally 0.5% of inserted cash


Bitcoin ATM locations for this producer:

Bitcoin ATM Hotel Herisau in Herisau

General Bytes Bitcoin ATM in Herisau at Hotel Herisau

Added on May 15, 2017

Bahnhofstrasse 14
9100 Herisau

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Bitcoin ATM Billiardtempel in Linz

General Bytes Bitcoin ATM in Linz at Billiardtempel

Added on June 23, 2017

Wegscheiderstraße 1
Linz, 4030

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Bitcoin ATM Streit Imports GmbH in Neuenhof

General Bytes Bitcoin ATM in Neuenhof at Streit Imports GmbH

Added on March 12, 2017

Zürcherstrasse 75
5432 Neuenhof

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Bitcoin ATM The Kasbah Hub in Oslo

General Bytes Bitcoin ATM in Oslo at The Kasbah Hub

Added on June 19, 2017

Waldemar Thranes gate 72
0175 Oslo

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Bitcoin ATM Cbc coworking in Barcelona

General Bytes Bitcoin ATM in Barcelona at Cbc coworking

Added on June 1, 2017

Carrer Pere Mercader, 65
08440 Cardedeu, Barcelona

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