EasyCoin WBTCB cryptocurrency/cash exchange service provider

Total number of EasyCoin WBTCB locations: 264

About: Czech company WBTCB in partnership with Geco tabacco kiosk network provides a product called EasyCoin, which allows to buy and sell bitcoins for cash across Czech Republic.

You can buy or sell 500-25000 CZK equivalent in bitcoins.

For initiating the process user needs to visit website and choose buy and sell bitcoins for cash.

Buy for cash:
- You provide a BTC address where to bitcoins will be sent
- Order will be created and payment number is given on the site.
- Next you need to go to any of the locations and pay cash for this number, bitcoins will be received on provided address

Sell for cash:
- You start on the site and choose you want to sell for cash
- BTC address will be given on the site where to send bitcoins.
- Order will also be printed with extra pin code
- After 1 confirmation - visit any of the locations where get cash in exchange for printed order and pin code.

Price: Buy rate: Coinmate + 4%
Sell rate: Coinmate - 6%

Site: https://www.easycoin.cz/