Flexepin Australia cryptocurrency/cash exchange service provider

Total number of Flexepin Australia locations: 4206

About: Flexepin is a company that provides a network of location where paper vouchers can be purchased with cash. Then these vouchers can be used as a payment online, e.g. for buying bitcoins. For more details check description of the same service for Canada.

In Australia there are several companies which allow to buy bitcoins via cash using Flexepin network:

  • Australian based company Rhino Loft Pty Ltd. who has a registered business Coin Loft partnered with Flexepin. Both they provide an easy way to buy bitcoins for cash:

    - Buy voucher at any of the Flexepin locations
    - Get bitcoins by providing voucher code at Coin Loft website

    Flexepin cash top-up vouchers can be purchased in amount from $20 to $500.

    Customers need to register in order to use the service. The maximum amount allowed per week is $500.
  • Another service supporting similar operation (buy voucher with cash and redeem on the site into bitcoins) is Canadian company Netcoins, who also provide similar service in Canada.

Price: Fees for Coin Loft: ~5% from BitcoinAverage price + $5 per voucher code for processing

Site: https://www.flexepin.com/