BitIns and Petrol cryptocurrency/cash exchange service provider

Total number of BitIns and Petrol locations: 315

About: BitIns (UK based company) collaborated with Petrol stations and launched a BitIns payment network on June 22, 2016. The service allows to buy bitcoins with cash via coupon that can be purchased at Petrol stations.

Any user can purchase up to 5000 EUR of coupons at each location and coupons are valid for 365 days for redeeming. Customers can pay with cash, but also with credit and debit cards.

For now the service covers more than 300 locations in Slovenia, but will be expanded to other countries: Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia.

Anyone wishing to purchase Bitcoin can visit these retail locations and purchase a digital coupon, which can in turn be redeemed for Bitcoin through an online interface.

The process is very straightforward:

- First you need to purchase a coupon at any of stations for cash
- Then redeem it a Bitins website. You provide your BTC address and converted amount of bitcoins from amount of coupon is sent to your address.

This is a significant expansion for BitIns, which enables millions of customers to access Bitcoin that previously had no local service to do so.

Company support contacts:

+386 51 77 35 35 (Mon to Fri 8.00-17.00)
[email protected]

Price: Fees: 6%