BitTeller cryptocurrency ATM machine producer

Total number of BitTeller ATMs installed: 7

About: The BitTeller is a new low cost, easy to use "cash to bitcoin" ATM for individuals, small businesses and Bitcoin evangelists produced by BlockChain Innovation in Bastrop, TX.

The ATM can be ordered with bill acceptors for various monetary units and can be configured for many different coins.

BlockChain Innovation offers a slew of extended and customizable services to manage deployment of multiple ATM's, auto-reloading, reporting and other features using their proprietary cloud based Wallet Control Manager.

BlockChain Innovation is also actively working on a low cost SkyHook to BitTeller conversion service as of August 2016.

Special Note from manufacturer: The Texas Department of Banking has stated explicitly ATMS which operate the way BitTeller does out of the box do not constitute money transmission. "Exchange of cryptocurrency for sovereign currency through an [ATM] is usually but not always money transmission. ... If the machine never involves a third party, and only facilitates a sale or purchase of Bitcoins by the machine's operator directly with the customer, there is no money transmission ..." ~

Price: Model A6: ($1 to $100 bills) $995 with BTC
Model A4: ($1 to $20 bills) $795 with BTC