Bitcoin of America cryptocurrency/cash exchange service provider

Total number of Bitcoin of America locations: 0

About: We have reached out to 1900 stores that are willing to collect payment for our customers trades. That means all you have to do is create an order, enter your bitcoin address and go to the payment location nearest you and make a payment. Don't worry, all trades are time stamped and confirmed in our trading platform so you know exactly what time and how much bitcoin was purchased. You will also get all the info SMS to your phone so when you go to the store you have all the information that you need to complete your trade.

Once you choose to purchase bitcoin using our payment locations (which means you go to the store location and make a payment in the store in person in cash) you can then go and pay for your order. All the instructions and payment details and store location are all create and detailed for you in the buy bitcoin tab and the instructions will have all the store locations, name, number, address and all other payment info needed to make your payment.

Buying bitcoin from is very easy and having 1900 payment locations where you can pay for your bitcoin just made things even way more easier!

Price: Fee: 9% from Coinbase under $1999 (daily limit)