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About: InstaTeller is a low-cost machine created to offer high-performance in limited spaces. Includes AML/KYC features, HD camera, ID card reader and optional fingerprint scanner integrated to comply with regulations in place.

InstaTeller is a Bitcoin ATM-produced by Miami, FL based-company INSTABUYBACK LLC.

At the moment all operations of machines are processed by InstaKiosks LLC. A Dover Delaware-based company, FinCEN MSM registered.

Company's ong-term goal is to build a multipurpose machine network, in order to provide additional services for customers and a profitable solution for hosts. But currently, all machines allow exclusively Bitcoin purchases.

Customers can find in the InstaKiosks network an easy and immediately way to buy Bitcoin. Here is the step-by-step process of one-way machines:

- Press BUY BITCOIN and accept the rate.
- Type your CellPhone number to start the process.
- Confirm SMS pincode.
- Scan driver license to raise maximum limit. (Optional)
- Scan Bitcoin address QR-code or select a paper wallet
- Insert USD bills
- Finish transaction and get Bitcoin right after.

Price: Machine is planned to be released for sale since beginning of 2017.
Expected price:
- $1499 per unit (InstaTeller Basic version) + shipping
- 1% fee on transactions, which covers free software updates for life


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