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About: PayMaQ is a Spain based (Barcelona) company which began operations in 2005. Company was concentrating on payment systems, but due to demand started producing Bitcoin machines. According to company's CEO Luis Borrell - the company is working on new solutions which will allow merchants to accept Bitcoin in stores.

The company issued the second Bitcoin ATM model called PayBitcoin. The first model had some limitations, e.g. required constant maintenance. Also in the second version PayBitcoin the camera for reading QR was installed.

PayMaq Bitcoin machine connects to the exchange for getting the rates. Bitcoin ATM is one-way, means you can only buy bitcoins with it.

PayMaq were trying to raise funds on indiegogo, but unsuccessfully. Out of €60,000 required only €1,600 were raised. This was required to cover the minimum costs (min. 50 units to produce), but now seems the project is frozen.

Price: €1,000 ($1,400)


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