Sweepay and Swiss Railways cryptocurrency/cash exchange service provider

Total number of Sweepay and Swiss Railways locations: 1357

About: Since 11th November it is possible to buy bitcoins with cash at all SBB ticket kiosks. Details here.

Kiosks are equipped with QR-scanner, so the process should be very similar to the one of using bitcoin ATM.

The process is the following:
- Choose "Prepaid" and then "Other offers" and "Bitcoin"
- Scan your bitcoin address QR-code
- Insert cash notes (machines also accept coins), the total amount for purchase should be between 20 and 500 CHF
- Press confirm
- Provide your mobile number and receive security code (mTAN)
- You can't buy bitcoins with credit cards

Price: Fees: 6%

Site: https://sweepay.ch/