Cashlib cryptocurrency/cash exchange service provider

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About: 1) General description of service

Bitit has partnered with distribution network specialist Cashlib to launch cash-for-bitcoin buying in more than 35K+ Local Stores in France. Cashlib voucher is printed in the form of a paper receipt.

Available in France, users can buy Cashlib voucher from 25€ to 250€ with cash or credit card next to their home and redeem it into Bitcoins within seconds on Bitit.

Parallel to the increase of credit card fraud, users now have a better tool to protect their identity. By not exposing their details online there is no need of credit card or bank account for the transaction.

2) Steps how to acquire bitcoins (better as bullet points) and how long it takes

How to buy Bitcoins over-the-counter using Cashlib ?
1. Find the nearest store, or use and online merchant
2. Ask your cashier for a Cashlib voucher.
3. Redeem the Cashlib voucher into Bitcoins at Bitit website
4. Upon confirmation of your Cashlib code, the bitcoins are instantly sent !

3) Fees involved and markup, so that user can understand how much it costs to acquire

Site of bitcoin service provider:

Price: Fees : 6.5%