Instakiosks Teller cryptocurrency/cash exchange service provider

Total number of Instakiosks Teller locations: 0

About: InstaKiosks provides an opportunity to buy Bitcoin directly from store cashiers.

Bill jams or offline machines are no longer a problem. You can buy bitcoins with cash by interacting with cashier.

How it works:

Visit one of the Instakiosk teller locations. You need to have a bitcoin address you want to purchase bitcoins to (available as a QR code) and cash.

Ask at cashier desk that you want to purchase bitcoins.

Operator will take care of the rest -- take your money and send bitcoins immediately to your wallet.

Company's goal is to build a global network of stores, managed by local Bitcoin operators.

InstaKiosks is a technology designed and produced by Miami, FL based-company INSTABUYBACK LLC.

At the moment, Maryland operations are processed by InstaKiosks LLC. FinCEN MSB registered business.

Operators interested in joining InstaKiosks network, please email [email protected]