Covault cryptocurrency ATM machine producer

Total number of Covault ATMs installed: 241

About: Express System USA Inc DBA COAVULT is a company based in Brooklyn, New York with Bitcoin Teller Machine manufacturing facility in Miami, FL USA supported by proprietary software running on these terminals with no outside third-party support. Company provides full control of software (adjust your Fess and R.O.I.) per client's needs and market demand. Their terminals support the latest innovations in BTM Kiosk Industry in cryptocurrency landscape encompassing all AML and KYC Regulations allowing virtually all components to be covered for BTM operators with an option of white label solution.

As of June 2018, the company sold 100+ units since establishment in June 2017.

They offer 4 different models of BTM to suit market adaptability and needs. Each model has its unique strength and capabilities as needed.

1. Model S Top of Line (2-way)
2. Model E Sleek and Compact (2-way)
3. Model Y Ultra Modern BTM with Recycler (2-way)
4. Model X Simply Sweet (1-way)

The best selling model is 2 Way "Terminal-Model E" and has the following characteristics:

1. Bill acceptor: IMEI (1500 bills capacity)
2. Fujitsu bill dispenser F-53
3. S&G series vault lock
4. 17" touch screen monitor
5. One year warranty.

Price: Model S Top of Line(2 Way) $8299.00
Model E Sleek and Compact(2 Way) $7999
Model Y Ultra Modern BTM with Recycler (2 Way) $7499.00
Model X Simply Sweet(1 Way) $6299.00