Coinsource cryptocurrency ATM machine producer

Total number of Coinsource ATMs installed: 197

About: Coinsource, headquartered in Texas with bicoastal offices located in both California and New York City, is the world’s largest bitcoin ATM operator as of November 2017. Coinsource offers lower than industry-average fee rates (usually their rates varies at 7-8%), live customer support and proprietary software and technology which produces fast and secure bitcoin ATM transactions.

The company initially used bitcoin ATM solution from Genesis Coin, but later developed own proprietary software, which allows to better scale and fully control user experience at their machines.

Coinsource is nationally licensed and regulated by all governing bodies and leads the industry with compliance standards and enforcement.

There are two types of Coinsource bitcoin ATM machines conveniently located all across the country: one-way machines which allows customers to purchase bitcoin for cash and two-way machines which allow both the buying as well as the selling of bitcoin for cash.
Coinsource is privately owned and operated, and does not offer any reseller options at this time.

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