RusBit cryptocurrency ATM machine producer

Total number of RusBit ATMs installed: 48

About: RusBit is a russian company, producing bitcoin ATMs and distributing for operation.

Technical specifications:
* PC (on the base of the Socket 775/1155, Intel processor, RAM DDR2/3 up to 2 GB,
* HDD 250 GB, Board COM ports, 350W PSU)
* Monitor 17”, Touch screen MasterTouch 17”
* CashCode SM bill Acceptor+stacker bill
* Thermal printer Custom VKP80II
* Modem Siemens MC35i lock, restart
* Barcode scanner DataLogic Magellan 800i 2D.

QR scanner now available at all ATM. ATMs are produced since November 2016.
RusBit LTD manufactures these machines and maintains a system of exchange of cryptocurrency for Fiat money (caution: manufacturer controls the hot wallet of machine in operation), answering the phone hotline on disputed payments (wrong wallet address). The exchange rate set by the owner of the terminal, and is 6-10%.

There are two models available:
* supports only purchase;
* supports purchase and sale.

Price: Buy only -- USD 2800
Buy and sell -- USD 3100