Fastcoin ATM cryptocurrency ATM machine producer

Total number of Fastcoin ATM ATMs installed: 0

About: FASTCOIN ATM is developed by a Singapore company Minersatwork. This is 2 way ATM for bitcoin which can buy and sell Bitcoin instantly.

1.This machine has provision to comply for AML/KYC procedure by taking ID and details of customer and validating them by mobile OTP.
2. It takes picture of customer as well
3. While customer selling Bitcoin he is given a QR code in printed form by machine so seller need not to wait pending confirmations. Once network has confirmed then user can redeem the QR code to collect cash payment from machine.
4. It can setup different limits per transaction for buy and sell
5. The markup for buy and sell also can be configured by operator easily.

- Height: 167 cm
- Width: 66 cm
- Depth: 55 cm

- Webcam with sensor
- 22” LED Touch Screen
- ID Card reader
- 150W Speakers

FASTCOIN ATM sells & Buys Bitcoin (2 way ATM).
The company also intends to integrate buy/sell of altcoins from same machine in new upgrades.