NetoBit ATM cryptocurrency ATM machine producer

Total number of NetoBit ATM ATMs installed: 0

About: It started as a sit-down of three friends- Crypto experts and enthusiasm.

The understanding that Blockchain technology, and specifically cryptocurrencies, are rapidly growing, but the simple process to buy/sell is still so complicated. The technology breackthorugh's won't help if the simple actions are not accessible to the public. The main challenge of the Bitcoin industry is to make the process easy and accessible to the mass. First it is necessary to shorten the flow to purchase, sell and convert crypto-fiat and make the user experience easy and familiarizing it to an everyday change/payment action. The second, the products must adapt to legislation changes and be able to accept any wallet or virtual coin that will be relevant in the short and long term.

Alon Dayan – CEO – Serial entrepreneur, exits of his previous startup and served as a regional director of sales at Elbit system- a private military and security Israeli company. He met the world of Bitcoin through his jobs and became in an instant a bitcoin enthusiastic.

Royi Ithzak , PhD in applied math, academic and applied research, Fiverr, GetTaxi. Research Blockchain, and specifically Bitcoin blockchain from 2010.

Guy Corem –Crypto Advisor, previously CEO & Co-founder of spondooloes, a leading bitcoin mining company that developed hammer chip- at one time 1/3 of the mining.

Machines support Bitcoin trades. Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple are in R&D steps.

Price: ATM hardware, two-way - $6900