DOBI ATM cryptocurrency ATM machine producer

Total number of DOBI ATM ATMs installed: 1

About: DOBI ATM is cryptocurrency hardware and software manufacturer under company Blockchain (Shenzhen) R&D Center in China.

DOBI ATM supports almost 20 languages and over 10 digital coins. A DOBI ATM APP(Android/iOS) is provided to users to either to buy/sell bitcoins or withdraw/deposit
cash. Made of exported steel and fingerprint /face recognition technology.

1. Two-way(withdraw or top up between cryocurrency and cash)
2. High dispenser capacity
Bill acceptor model: NV9
Bill dispensor model: CDM-4000
3. Currencies: 20 currencies(All around the world)
4. Coins: support over 10 Bitcoin, Litcoin, etc.)
5. Multi Securiry Mechanism: blockchain, AI secrete key, fingerprint verification, face recognition, camera motoring system;
6. DOBI ATM App: remote control (withdrawal, trading, query, management)
7. Compatible to all digital asset exchange;
8. Design: wide-smart HMI screen (17inch), Smart-control Led Control on machine edge front high-end market. Two color options-yellow and violet.

Price: $10,000 for a whole set of ATM Machine
Price may vary according to your order amount.