Ghostlab cryptocurrency ATM machine producer

Total number of Ghostlab ATMs installed: 158

About: Ghostlab is a Canadian software company founded at the end of 2019. Co-founders Adam O’Brien and Dave Bradley bring a combined 20 years of bitcoin experience, including Adam’s founding of Bitcoin Well in 2013, one of Canada’s largest Bitcoin ATM operators.

Ghostlab’s flagship product, ghostATM, is designed for operators, by operators. It deployed on live machines with basic functionality near the end of 2020. Integration with a variety of ATM models allows operators to manage machines from multiple producers from a single administration panel. As a well funded startup with a team of more than 20 developers, Ghostlab is uniquely positioned to accommodate and prioritize early clients’ specific needs.

Tech Specs:

ghostATM is designed to be hardware agnostic to facilitate easy integration and deployment on a wide range of hardware sets. It is integrated with some of the most common hardware sets relied on by top producers like Genesis, General Bytes, and Lamassu. Additional integrations are ongoing. Integration requests for specific ATM models (Bitcoin and legacy retail models) can be facilitated depending on available resources.

Hosting and SMS functionality are included by default. KYC/AML compliance is also included via integration with a leading compliance platform and is fully configurable from the administration panel. Wallet integrations with both Bitcoin Core and Bitgo allow clients to choose custody preference. Advanced analytics and other premium features can also be added.

Ghostlab is a Bitcoin focused company, but can also provide support for other major cryptocurrencies where justified by demand, such as Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

Basic buy functionality is live with sell being implemented in mid 2021 and other operations being added thereafter.

Ghostlab is a B2B software company that licenses software to empower operators. They do not operate their own ATMs or provide liquidity. Hardware can be recommended and coordinated through Ghostlab’s hardware partners.

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