Netcoins cryptocurrency/cash exchange service provider

Total number of Netcoins locations: 8

About: Netcoins is a virtual Bitcoin ATM app, available to retail stores.

The ATM software is designed to run on any web-enabled device. Many stores are running it on a PC at the checkout, although some also run Netcoins on tablet kiosks.

How to purchase Bitcoin at a Netcoins location: Customers simply tell the cashier the amount of Bitcoin they'd like to purchase, and after making payment the customer immediately receives their new Bitcoins. It's extremely easy for both customers and store staff; in fact, a lot of store staff have no previous experience with Bitcoin.

Netcoins also looks after all the Bitcoin inventory and regulatory management for the store, and it's free for stores to participate. Like physical Bitcoin ATMs, there is a convenience fee attached to the order, which is split between the store and Netcoins.

Physical Bitcoin ATMs are incredibly popular, however the high machine cost and space requirements put them out of reach for most retailers.

Netcoins solves these problems for retailers as a no-cost entry into the Bitcoin ATM space.

Price: 6-8% for end user