Trovemat cryptocurrency ATM machine producer

Total number of Trovemat ATMs installed: 30

About: JetCrypto as an owner of Trovemat brand project aims to build retail-oriented global crypto-services platform comprised of the network with crypto-ATM and POS terminals, digital wallets, shared data-registry and decentralized crypto-exchange.

­Besides POS terminals roll-out, main focus at the early stage is to offer hybrid payment system seamlessly integrating both fiat and crypto payment methods in a single digital wallet and to provide access to a decentralized crypto-exchange.

Core company is Bytewerk LLC developing software for more that 15 years. They are working with banking and fintech sectors. Offices placed in USA(New York), Austria(Vienna), Latvia (Riga) and Russia(Moscow).

Machines support both: buy & sell.
At current moment the following coins are supported: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Ripple, Monero, Ethereum Classic, Lightcoin, Nem.

Price: T1 (cash-in) - $2000
T1 Pro (cash-in) - $5000
T2 (cash-in & cash-out) - $3000
T2 Pro (cash-in & cash-out) - $5500