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Bitcoin ATM Market Dynamics August 2020

The price of Bitcoin in August was fairly stable. At the beginning of the month, it was at $11,344 and it continued to vary within the 11k mark. The month ended with a Bitcoin price at $11,708 which is only a 3.2% increase compared to the beginning of the month.

The number of new machines continued to grow at a relatively stable rate.

Period Start: 8921, Period End: 9516
Opened: 776, Closed: 181, Net Growth: + 595 (6.7%)

Change by Manufacturers

Genesis Coin31163346+230 (7.4%)
General Bytes26472821+174 (6.6%)
Coinsource530592+62 (11.7%)
Bitstop169203+34 (20.1%)
BitAccess877908+31 (3.5%)
LightningXchange203234+31 (15.3%)
Bytefederal97114+17 (17.5%)
Lamassu505521+16 (3.2%)
Trovemat3442+8 (23.5%)
ChainBytes2428+4 (16.7%)
White Edge810+2 (25%)
Covault218219+1 (0.5%)
zzBit6162+1 (1.6%)
Vault Logic910+1 (11.1%)
CoinLogiq78+1 (14.3%)
CryptoGo45+1 (25%)
BTC facil1110-1 (-9.1%)
Shitcoins Club119101-18 (-15.1%)

The top of the manufacturers list is unchanged from July. Again, Genesis Coin was the manufacturer that installed the most machines – 230 (7.4% increase) and was again followed by General Bytes with 103 (4% increase) and Coinsource as a manufacturer with 62 (11.7% increase).

Shitcoins Club was the manufacturer that experienced a noticeable decrease in August with 18 machines removed (15.1% decrease).

Change by Operators

Operators who increased the number of machines by 4 or more over the past month:

CoinFlip Bitcoin ATMs746850+104 (13.9%)
Bitcoin Depot792864+72 (9.1%)
Bitcoin of America280327+47 (16.8%)
ATM Coiners128175+47 (36.7%)
Bitstop255289+34 (13.3%)
Digital Mint224255+31 (13.8%)
RockItCoin438467+29 (6.6%)
CoinCloud838866+28 (3.3%)
Quad Coin7098+28 (40%)
National Bitcoin ATM284309+25 (8.8%)
ByteFederal LLC113130+17 (15%)
Coinsource387402+15 (3.9%)
GetCoins140154+14 (10%)
Localcoin202215+13 (6.4%)
Cash2Bitcoin.com126135+9 (7.1%)
Bitbox ATM7885+7 (9%)
BitBase815+7 (87.5%)
AstraCoins411+7 (175%)
American Crypto Bitcoin ATM98104+6 (6.1%)
Digital Ventures Group LLC2531+6 (24%)
Cryptomat2329+6 (26.1%)
Bitcoin Solutions6267+5 (8.1%)
Hodl Digital Services3742+5 (13.5%)
BlockChange Kft.1217+5 (41.7%)
BitBoss ATMs15+4 (400%)

CoinFlip Bitcoin ATMs were the most active in August with 104 new machines installed (13.9% increase). Bitcoin Depot was second with 72 new installations (9.1% increase), followed by Bitcoin of America with 47 new machines (16.8% increase).

Three operators form the list installed their first machines in August. ItaloCoin and Coinquistadores both had 9 installations while Coininkrijk installed their first 7 machines.

Change by Countries

United States66837235+552 (8.3%)
Canada754796+42 (5.6%)
Spain7085+15 (21.4%)
Italy5161+10 (19.6%)
Belgium2230+8 (36.4%)
Hungary4045+5 (12.5%)
Netherlands4448+4 (9.1%)
Georgia2327+4 (17.4%)
Greece5558+3 (5.5%)
United Kingdom254256+2 (0.8%)
Poland6062+2 (3.3%)
Hong Kong5557+2 (3.6%)
Slovakia4950+1 (2%)
Romania4546+1 (2.2%)
Colombia3839+1 (2.6%)
Ireland2122+1 (4.8%)
Argentina1213+1 (8.3%)
Switzerland8281-1 (-1.2%)
Malaysia21-1 (-50%)
Mongolia10-1 (-100%)
Denmark20-2 (-100%)
Germany6914-55 (-79.7%)

The domination of North America continues. In August the United States recorded 552 new installations (8.3% increase) while Canada had 42 new machines (5.6% increase). The Europe representative in the top 3 was Spain with 15 installations (21.4% increase).

We are happy to notice that Lithuania added the first machine on its soil. It’s a buy/sell machine located in Vilnius.

On the other hand, Germany had a noticeable decrease with 55 machines removed (79.7% decrease) due to strict actions by Bafin (local financial regulator) against bitcoin ATM operators, while Mongolia and Denmark had their only machines removed.

Cryptocurrencies Support

Find the latest stats of various cryptocurrency machines here.

Cryptocurrencies support saw the following increases over the past month:

Bitcoin89139510+597 (6.70%)
Litecoin60076371+364 (6.06%)  
Altcoins61966558+362 (5.84%)
Ether53245638+314 (5.50%)
Bitcoin Cash30043144+140 (4.66%)
Dash18161931+115 (6.33%)
Ripple90123+33 (36.67%)
Tether231235+4 (1.73%)
Lightning BTC58+3 (60%)
Monero205206+1 (0.49%)
Dogecoin6768+1 (1.49%)
Zcash8583-2 (2.35%)

The percentage of Bitcoin ATM’s supporting any other cryptocurrencies than Bitcoin dropped a bit and is now at 68.9%. Litecoin was the second most added coin in July with 364 additions (6.06% increase) followed by Ether with 314 additions (5.50% increase) and Bitcoin Cash with 140 additions (4.66% increase).


The price of Bitcoin in August was fairly stable. Genesis Coin and General Bytes are again the most active manufacturers. The United States continue to be the country with the most installations. Litecoin was the most adopted coin besides Bitcoin this month.

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