CryptoPay cryptocurrency ATM machine producer

Total number of CryptoPay ATMs installed: 0

About: A UK-based company CruptoPay announced recently about the new Bitcoin ATM they produced.

The machine is one-way only (selling Bitcoin) and supports GPB, EUR and USD bank notes.
What is inside:

  • Zebex laser scanner;
  • Zebra thermal printer;
  • Cash code bill acceptor;
  • UPS;
  • Intel motherboard;
  • Linux software
According to the company's representative this Bitcoin ATM has two main advantages: security and price. This ATM has 3 mm steel casing which is extremely durable and safe. The screen has anti-vandal casing too. Inside there is another 3 mm casing protecting the bill acceptor with the funds held. Generally, this Bitcoin ATM can be operated unattended and can be installed outdoors. The ATM is quite heavy an weighs roughly 60 kg. Additionally, it can be mounted into the wall for more security. Every Bitcoin ATM has a GPS tracker inside, so you will be notified when the ATM is being moved.

The bill acceptor can store up to 1000 bills.

The company is planning to operate the network of ATMs on their own, but in case of high demand they can start selling them. Initial launch will happen in the UK, as the company is UK-based. The company plans to start with 10-20 ATMs in London.

Price: The price would start from $3k-$3.5k